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Build Clickstream Data Infrastructure with Winston and Parseable

· 7 min read
Abhishek Sinha
Solution Architect

Clickstream data are a series of individual events. These individual events are sequenced to do analytics and draw a variety of insights. To build a dependable analytics, you need to build reliable infrastructure and pipeline to record each event. You can build a robust clickstream data infrastructure using React, Nodejs, Winston, and Parseable.

Unlocking User Insights - Clickstream Data Analytics with Parseable

· 7 min read
Abhishek Sinha
Solution Architect

Clickstream consists of a series of ongoing user events (such as page visits, button clicks, form submissions, etc.) on websites or apps. These events capture a wealth of information about user behavior and site usability. Data-driven teams log these events, query, and sequence them to gain insights. Teams from marketing, product, and UI/UX departments use this data as a secret sauce to build delightful products.

Ingest OTEL Logs with Grafana Alloy & Parseable

· 8 min read
Shantanu Vishwanadha
Developer Relations

Logs are critical components of an application. They help maintain system reliability, performance and most of the time also help understand user behaviors, uncover patterns in customer actions and much more. Problem however in managing logs is manifold - missing structure, ad-hoc formats and the sheer volumes making it difficult to manage and analyze.

OpenTelemetry (aka OTEL) is a community initiative to help standardize collection, querying and visualization of logs, traces and metrics. With a well defined standard for logs, users can choose the log processing system that best fits their needs.

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