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Lightweight, high performance log analytics for the cloud native era
curl -fsSL https://logg.ing/install | bash
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Easy to use, hard to misuse

Deploy in cloud or edge. Ingest over HTTP(s). Query with SQL.

Deploy Parseable binary or container image on any cloud or on the edge. Use log agents or libraries over HTTP(s) to ingest logs. Query logs with SQL.
High throughput ingestion
Ingest millions of requests per minute with 4 GiB memory and 2 CPU cores. Parseable is built for high volume, high velocity logs.
Cloud native design
Stateless design to leverage the elastic nature of cloud. Deploy on any cloud and scale up or down as needed.
Extend with Parquet
Parseable uses compressed Parquet format for best storage utilization. This also opens up access to whole Parquet tools ecosystem.
S3 or compatible storage
With S3 or compatible storage, Parseable can scale to petabytes. Use object storage for long term, cost effective retention.
Single static binary
With single static binary, Parseable is extremely easy to deploy and manage. No external dependencies or components.
Ready for production
Parseable ships with OAuth2, RBAC, TLS, Alerts, Retention, and more. It is ready for production out of the box.


Choose your preferred installation method We provide a variety of installation methods to suit your needs. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Docker – If you are new to the project, we recommend that you use the Docker installation method.
  • Kubernetes – If you are a Kubernetes user, we recommend that you use the Kubernetes installation method.
  • Linux – If you are a Linux user, we recommend that you use the Linux installation method.

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Parseable is built on the principles of open and free software. Join our global community of contributors, developers, and enthusiasts on Slack and GitHub.

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