Deploy anywhere. Plug log pipelines. Extract insights.

Parseable support plan offers unmatched peace of mind with 24/7 support, SLA, Predictable costs & Enterprise grade features.
Predictable cost
Pay only for license and support. Pricing based on ingested data volume. No hidden costs. No surprises.
Parseable REST API allows native integration with other cloud native systems for metrics, visualization, alerting and more.
Zero lock-in
The Parquet format opens up whole big data ecosystem for data analysis. Additionally offering best storage utilization.
Why businesses pay for Parseable?
Log events are one of most critical datasets for a business. Whether its security, compliance, or reliability, a well defined log analytics, storage and retention strategy is a must.
With Parseable support plan our customers get unencumbered access (without AGPLv3 compliance) to the complete Parseable software suite, including the server, client side cli pb, plugins and debugging tools. More importantly, they get access to Parseable technical and subject matter experts who work to ensure the project and the customer is successful above all.

Parseable Support Tiers

Commercial license (AGPLv3 compliance not needed)
Commercial license (AGPLv3 compliance not needed)
Commercial license (AGPLv3 compliance not needed)
Fully featured
Fully featured
Fully featured
Unlimited queries
Unlimited queries
Unlimited queries
Upto 30 days
Unlimited retention
Unlimited retention
Security & Access control review
Once every 6 months
Once every quarter
Roadmap visibility
Access to next 3 months roadmap
Access to next 6 months roadmap
Telemetry & Diagnostics
Live diagnostics and predictive maintenance
On call support for version upgrades
LTS version
Yes. LTS version supported for 2 years
Observability consulting hours
5 Hours / month included in price
10 Hours / month included in price
Response SLA
< 24 Hours
< 6 Hours
< 1 Hour
Support channels
Dedicated Slack channel
Support portal / Email / Video call
Support portal / Email / Video call


Pricing that works for you today and tomorrow

We are still tinkering with our plans but we are eager to hear from you. Help us build a package that works for you and others like you.

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