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Parseable Release v1.2.0

· 3 min read
Shantanu Vishwanadha
Developer Relations

With the release of Parseable v1.2.0, we are excited to introduce a major upgrade focusing on enhanced querying and ingestion capabilities. This new version brings a suite of powerful features designed to improve the speed, flexibility, and compatibility of log management.

Our focus this release has been to improve user experience when querying data. Additionally, we made several server side improvement to enhance the query performance.Let's go over the highlights of this release.

Custom partitions support

Parseable server now supports setting custom partition columns for a stream. This means users can specify a column in the stream schema to be used as a partition key. This allows for more efficient querying and better performance when querying data.

Read more about custom partitions in the partition documentation.


Stats enhancement

We've improved stats reporting to provide more accurate and detailed insights. Log stream stats API now responds with lifetime stats, current stats, and deleted stats, offering a comprehensive view of data. This is also visible in the Parseable Console. We've also added stream information like stream created time, last queryable event, custom partition details etc in the stream management page.


Query response in Arrow Flight protocol

We've added Arrow Flight Protocol response for queries. This allows a streaming response from the server, instead of a single HTTP response. This means:

  • The console can start displaying the response data as soon as it is received, without waiting for the entire response to be received. This improves the user experience when querying large datasets.

  • Any client that supports the Arrow Flight Protocol can query Parseable. This allows for much more flexibility in querying data and building modern query interfaces.

The server side improvements are done, we'll add the UI side changes in the next release.

Metadata stream for cluster metrics

We've added internal stream named pmeta specifically in distributed systems. The querier creates this internal stream to fetch cluster metrics from all ingestors, adds the metrics data to an event, and ingests the event into this stream. Refer to the docs for more information.

HEAD method for healthcheck

Health check APIs now support the HEAD method, allowing for quicker and more efficient health checks.

OTEL ingestion with /v1/logs Endpoint

Support for OpenTelemetry data ingestion has been added through the /v1/logs endpoint over otlphttpexporter.

Redesigned stream management

The redesigned UI features a separate page for Livetail and stream management!


Simplified alert creation

Alerts can now be created directly from the stream management page without the need for JSON configuration.


These updates aim to enhance the performance, usability, and reliability of Parseable. Exploration of these new features and improvements is encouraged. Feedback is always appreciated and can be shared via Slack for any questions.

Enjoy logging with Parseable v1.2.0!

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