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Environment Variables

This document lists all the environment variables supported by Parseable server.

Common environment variables

Variable NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
P_USERNAMEYesUsername for the admin user. Will be used to access API and UI."admin""AKIAIOSFODNN7"
P_PASSWORDYesPassword for the admin user. Will be used to access API and UI."admin""wJalrXUtna"
RUST_LOGNoControl the log level of Parseable server. By default all logging is disabled except for the error level. Refer the docs here for possible values."error""info"
P_ADDRNoAddress (IP Address and Port) on which Parseable server would listen for new connections.""""
P_TLS_CERT_PATHNoLocation of TLS Cert file on the server. Use this and P_TLS_KEY_PATH variable together to enable TLS on your Parseable server.-"/home/user/fullchain.pem"
P_TLS_KEY_PATHNoLocation of TLS Private key file on the server. Use this and P_TLS_CERT_PATH variable together to enable TLS on your Parseable server.-"/home/user/privkey.pem"
P_STAGING_DIRNoPath on the local machine where Parseable server would stage data before pushing it to storage."$PWD/staging""/home/user/parseable/staging"
P_CHECK_UPDATENoSpecify whether server should check for new updates from Parseable download server.truefalse
P_SEND_ANONYMOUS_USAGE_DATANoSpecify whether server should send anonymous usage data to Parseable analytics.truefalse
P_PARQUET_COMPRESSION_ALGONoSpecify the compression algorithm to use for Parquet files. Support values are UNCOMPRESSED, SNAPPY, GZIP, LZO, BROTLI, LZ4, ZSTD."LZ4""GZIP"
P_OPENAI_API_KEYNoSpecify your OpenAI API key to generate SQL automatically from plain text. Read more here."""sk-open-ai-api-key"

Applicable to S3 storage mode

This section lists all the environment variables applicable to S3 storage mode. This is applicable to AWS S3 or any other S3 compatible object storage platform.

Variable NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
P_S3_URLYesURL for S3 or compatible object storage server.-""
P_S3_ACCESS_KEYYesAccess key for S3 or compatible object storage server.-"AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE"
P_S3_SECRET_KEYYesSecret key for S3 or compatible object storage server.-"wJalrXUtnaEXAMPLEKEY"
P_S3_BUCKETYesBucket to use for Parseable data storage.-"parseable"
P_S3_REGIONYesRegion for the object storage platform.-"us-east-1"
P_S3_PATH_STYLENoForce Parseable to use Path style access to S3 store.truefalse
P_S3_TLS_SKIP_VERIFYNoSkip checking for S3 store's TLS certificate validity.falsetrue
P_S3_CHECKSUMNoSet SHA256 checksum in requests to allow S3 buckets with WORM enabled.falsetrue

Applicable to AWS

Variable NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
P_AWS_PROFILE_NAMENoSet AWS profile name which will be used for fetching credentials-"default"
P_AWS_IMDSV1_FALLBACKNoSets if object store client should fallback to imdsv1.falsetrue
P_AWS_METADATA_ENDPOINTNoSets AWS instance metadata endpoint to use."""http://fd00:ec2::254"

Applicable to local drive mode

Variable NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
P_FS_DIRNoPath on the local machine where Parseable server would store data."$PWD/data""/home/user/parseable/data"

Applicable to OIDC

Variable NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
P_OIDC_CLIENT_IDNoYour OIDC client identifier provided by your identity provider."""client-id"
P_OIDC_CLIENT_SECRETNoYour OIDC client secret provided by your identity provider."""client-secret"
P_OIDC_ISSUERNoThe OIDC issuer URL, typically provided by your identity provider. It points to the OIDC authorization server. Should support discovery protocol""""
P_ORIGIN_URINoThe URI where Parseable is hosted or accessible. This should be the base URL of your Parseable instance.""""

Refer to OIDC section for more details.

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