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Parseable allows setting retention for each log stream. Retention is the amount of time that log data is kept in the system. Retention can be set to multiple of 1 day. Note that retention works on a stream level and each stream can have a different retention period. Also a single log stream can only have a single retention period set.

Setting up

Retention can be set via API calls to a Parseable instance. Refer the API documentation for details.


Here is sample retention configuration, with all the available options.

"duration": "20d",
"action": "delete",
"description": "delete logs after 20 days"

Below table explains the configuration options.

Variable NameRequiredDescription
durationYesTotal duration for which logs should be retained. Can be multiple of 1 day, e.g. 20d.
actionYesAction to be taken when log data passes retention duration. Currently only delete is supported
descriptionNoHuman friendly description of the log retention rule.

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