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Docker Compose

This document explains how to set up Parseable in a high availability mode with Docker Compose, with s3-store mode. This mode is used to store logs on S3 or a compatible object storage.


Docker and Docker Compose, installed on your machine. Refer this doc to install Docker if you haven't already.

Download Docker Compose File

Download the Docker Compose file.

mkdir parseable
cd parseable

Run Parseable

This Compose file contains the configuration for Parseable, along with the required environment variables. You can modify the environment variables in the file as needed. It also includes a MinIO service for S3 compatible storage. This compose creates 4 Parseable ingest services and 1 Parseable query service.

Once you've setup the env as per your requirements, you can start Parseable cluster using the following command.

docker compose up 

Access Parseable

Once Parseable is up and running, you can access it at http://localhost:8000 (assuming you've set P_ADDR to :8000 in the env file). Credentials to login to Parseable are set via P_USERNAME and P_PASSWORD fields in the compose file.


Running docker on AWS EC2

When trying to fetch credentials over IMDSv2 inside of docker container the client can hang indefinitely. This can happen due to AWS not allowing more than 1 hop in IMDSv2 endpoint response. You can change this configuration, please refer consideration section of retrieve instance metadata

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