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Lambda Functions

Parseable AWS Lambda extension is a Lambda extension that allows you to send logs from your Lambda functions to your Parseable instance.


To use the parseable-lambda-extension with a lambda function, it must be configured as a layer. There are two variants of the extension available: one for x86_64 architecture and one for arm64 architecture.

You can add the extension as a layer with the AWS CLI tool:

$ aws lambda update-code-configuration \
--function-name MyAwesomeFunction
--layers "<layer version ARN>"

The extension's layer version ARN follows the pattern below.

# Layer Version ARN Pattern
  • AWS_REGION - This must match the region of the Lambda function to which you are adding the extension.
  • ARCH - x86_64 or arm64.
  • VERSION - The version of the extension you want to use. Current version is v1.0. For current latest release v1.0, use the value v1-0.


The extension is configurable via environment variables set for your lambda function.

  • PARSEABLE_LOG_URL - Parseable endpoint URL. It should be set to https://<parseable-url>/api/v1/ingest. Change <parseable-url> to your Parseable instance URL. (required)
  • PARSEABLE_USERNAME - Username set for your Parseable instance. (required)
  • PARSEABLE_PASSWORD - Password set for your Parseable instance. (required)
  • PARSEABLE_LOG_STREAM - Parseable stream name where you want to ingest logs. (default: Lambda Function Name).

Refer Parseable installation documentation for more details.

Container image lambda

In case if you deploy your lambda as container image, to inject extension as part of your function just copy it to your image:

FROM parseable/aws-lambda-extension:latest AS parseable-extension
# Layer code
COPY --from=parseable-extension /opt/ .
# Function code
WORKDIR /var/task
CMD app.lambda_handler

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