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Prometheus metrics

Prometheus offers a multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs. The data collection happens via a pull model over HTTP/HTTPS.

Parseable server exposes Prometheus metrics at /api/v1/metrics endpoint (unauthorized). The metrics are exposed in Prometheus exposition format.



Prometheus configuration is done via a YAML file. Locate your Prometheus configuration file prometheus.yml and add the following section to scrape Parseable server metrics.

- job_name: parseable-job
metrics_path: /api/v1/metrics
scheme: http
- targets: ['localhost:8000']

Make sure to replace localhost:8000 with the actual host and port where Parseable server is running.

List of metrics exposed by Parseable

Parseable server exposes the following metrics on /api/v1/metrics endpoint. All of these can be accessed via Prometheus dashboard. A sample list of exposed metrics along with their definition is available in the demo server at


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